My New Site

I redid my site.
Check it out here.

I hope you all like the changes.


Hurricane Relief

Next victim?

I've choosen the next subject for my bloggings. I just have to decide now if I want to make it about more than one person, or just that one person. I should have it up by tonight sometime.


You've Got Gripes...

So the past two days, I've had not one, not two, but THREE different people ask about something I blogged about, or mostly didn't blog about. It's kind of amusing.

1. (Josh from CT): Why didn't you blog about me coming to visit?
2. (Keva): Why didn't you do a blog about my birthday party?
3. (Crystal): So, I see you're definately not moving back to Lexington.

I'm not griping, I just find it amusing that people actually care about what I do and don't write about. Maybe if people commented and made suggestions, I'd take them more seriously.

In my defense of numbers 1 and 2, I have to say I haven't done too many personal blogs lately, not about my day to day life anyway. I've blogged this week some, but otherwise, they've been few and far in between.

In defense of number 3, well, I have no defense. Truthfully, I just forgot that Crystal lived there (or nearby in Georgetown). When I think of the negative things about Lexington, it obviously doesn't include her. Although, living in the same place as Crystal was very nice, especially after some time of not living in the same town. At this rate, the same state would be nice.

As for you other two, and anyone else who feels I’ve neglected them in my bloggings, I’ll try to be a more active blogger. Hm, maybe I’ll even take some time at some point and do a separate blog about all of my friends, or at least the ones I talk to on a regular basis. That’s a though. Wonder what you guys would think of that? :)


Changes are a comin'...

So, I have some changes coming up soon. Stay tuned. I hope by early next week, you will all know about them.